Sold: iPhone 6s 32gb running iOS 12.4 – $125

This iPhone is perfect for a daily driver for you, a phone for the kids, or anything else! It’s 32gb storage leaves plenty of room for all of your music, apps, and movies.

Currently, it’s running iOS 12.4, but it can be updated to iOS 13, which is the latest. Why would you want a phone that’s not running the latest version? Good question, but there are a few valid answers. First, newer versions tend to slow down older devices, in order for the device to be able to handle the new features. Second, in iOS 13, Apple replaced 3D Touch with Haptic Touch, which some people might not be a fan of. However, iOS 12 has the old 3D Touch, which will feel more familiar. Third, some people are interested in Jailbreaking. iOS 12 has several methods of jailbreaking: Checkra1n, unc0ver, Chimera, and RootlessJB to name a few. iOS 13 is currently only supported by Checkra1n and unc0ver.

There are some minor scratches on the corners of the housing, but these are only visual and will not be shown if it’s in a case. See the pictures for more details.

Everything works 100%, including the Home Button and Touch ID. It’s had a screen replacement, and a new battery put in. The screen on it is a refurbished screen, meaning that it’s an Apple display with a new piece of glass put on. This means that it has better color and sharpness than any third-party screen. The battery is at 100% health.

There is no iCloud account linked to this iPhone, so it’s ready for you to setup! If you’re interested in checking for yourself, the IMEI is 356136090007834.