Screen swap time!

The iPhone 5c is one of the easiest phones to work on. No Touch ID to worry about, and no components paired to the logic board. I found a passcode-locked iPhone 5c with a cracked screen on eBay for a good deal, and decided to look in to it. Find My iPhone happened to be off, meaning that it wasn’t locked to the owner’s Apple ID, so I bought it. I had a bunch of parts for the 5c on hand, so this wasn’t going to cost me much. I got the phone, and put a new screen on it. Around this time, my iPhone 6 that I used as a main phone broke in a repair, and I haven’t been able to fix it. I used the 5c for around two weeks until I could buy a newer phone, and it worked out perfect. Let me tell you that you don’t have any idea what fear is until you’ve planned on selling a phone, then using it for a few weeks without a case or screen protector! Once I bought a new phone, I listed the 5c on Facebook for a little higher than what I figured it would sell for, but I had at least 6 people interested within an hour! I sold it that day.

I’m going to start buying and selling devices, so if you need a new phone, keep an eye out here.